I am flexible and creative in my approach. I use a variety of therapeutic tools to address the specific problems which a client may be experiencing. I am very supportive and accepting: I can empathize with others, having successfully worked through my own life challenges.

I tend to go the extra mile for my clients if research is needed or if I need to consult with a colleague or physician for a particularly difficult problem a client is experiencing. I have had clients who have sought my help after having had difficulty finding appropriate therapy to suit their needs and concerns whether it be dealing with a hidden or perceived embarrassing problem or coping with a crisis.


Relationship and Individual Counselling



I am able to provide a variety of strategies in helping couples and families to achieve better communication and understanding, to reduce conflict and to start working together instead of against each other. I use effective therapeutic tools from different approaches which I also teach clients to use in their home. I work with both traditional and non-traditional couples and families and across generations and cultures. 



I draw on my training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to help you change or reduce those thought patterns that cause self-defeating behaviors and painful emotions such as depression, anxiety and anger. Psychotherapy will often provide treatment that is more long-term than counseling and address issues on a deeper level. This may include looking at long-standing patterns of behavior, talking about childhood causes of current problems, or an intensive attempt to understand and alter thinking, feeling or behavior patterns. 


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